Relaxation Massage

60 min / $60 | 90 min / $90 | 120 min / $120

The purpose of this massage is to improve the blood circulation, drain the toxins of your body, nourish the body tissue, helps equilibrate the body and have a calming effect and gives you a great escape and well being sensation.

Intramuscular Swedish Massage

60 min / $60 | 90 min / $90 | 120 min / $120

This massage is specially designed to target the deep muscular tissues and is great to relieve chronic tensions and tense areas.

Hot Stone Massage

90 min | $100

The hot stone massage combines the softness and the firmness of the touch of a volcanic stone. Preliminarily heated and combined to the use of essential oils, the stones offer a soothing effect on the muscle and evacuates the tensions of the nerve terminal.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

60 min | $60

Lymphatic drainage optimizes the circulation of the lymph (a clear fluid linked to ganglion activity and on which several vital functions such as cellular detoxification, fat evacuation and strengthening of immune capacities depend).

Anti-cellulite Treatment

60 min | $75

This treatment combines exfoliation, massage techniques and the envelopment of targeted areas achieved with a preparation of seaweed and essential oils.


60 min | $60

Reflexology, also known a zone therapy is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and techniques

Massage for Pregnant Woman

60 min | $60 (from 12 weeks of pregnancy)

Therapeutic massage that specially concentrates on the specific needs of the mommy to be, it stimulates muscle function and articulations improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue.